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Post Doctoral Fellow


Dr Yuezhong Liu

Yuezhong holds a PhD in Architecture from the National University of Singapore in 2017. His research concentrates on health-oriented urban design approaches and urban modelling, with a focus on interoperability and scalability. His current research focuses on integrated urban microsimulation (navigation, synthetic population and cognitions) and healthcare systems for elderly with chronic diseases. 

​​ ​Selected Publications

1. Y. Liu and R. Stouffs, Urban Design Process with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks, Architectural Journal 600 (2018), 108-112.

2. Y. Liu, R.Stouffs, A. Tablada, N.H. Wong and J. Zhang, Comparing Micro-scale Weather Data to Building Energy Consumption in Singapore, Energy and Buildings 152 (2017), 776-791.

3. Y. Liu, R. Stouffs and A. Tablada, Rethinking the urban design process from a data perspective, ShoCK! Sharing of Computable Knowledge (eds. A. Fiorovanti, S. Cursi, S. Elahmar, S. Gargaro, G. Loffreda, G. Novembri and A Trento), vol. 1, pp. 449-460, eCAADe, Brussels, and Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, 2017.

4. Y. Liu, Y. Huang and R. Stouffs, Using a data-driven approach to support the design of energy-efficient buildings​, Journal of Information Technology in Construction 20 (2015), 80-96.

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Research Interests

Urban Design & Modelling, Health-Oriented Environments, Social Isolation and Loneliness, Diabetes, Dementia
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