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About Us


Ageing Research Institute for Society & Education (ARISE) is a pan-university institute that supports multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research at NTU focusing on ageing-related research, programmes and activities. ARISE efforts will revolve around four thrusts, namely: (1) Ageing Medicine; (2) Social Integration and Education; (3) Ageing-in-Place; and (4) Care & Lifestyle Enhancement. ARISE’s role is to act as a coordinating body to engage and integrate the efforts of the research institutes, centres, colleges and schools across NTU.

Thrust 1: Ageing Medicine
To promote physical well-being through prevention/ delay onset of disease.

Thrust 2: Social Integration & Education
To maintain & enhance social integration, participatio​​n and productivity of ageing community. 

Thrust 3: Active & Independent Ageing 
To provide friendly & safe environment so as to enable independent living. 

Thrust 4: Care and Lifestyle Enhancement
To maintain or improve quality of life via care intervention and innovation in technology. 



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