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Research Objectives

​​ARISE Seed Funding​

Title of Project​ ​ ​Principal Investigators 
1 A novel drug target to prevent the protein aggregation in neurodegenerative diseases Assistant ​Professor Miao Yansong
2 Rejuvenation of the Aged Brain: Optical Interrogation of Cortical Dynamics Assistant Professor Hiroshi Makino
3 The respiratory microbiome – a predictor of healthy ageing? Assistant Professor Sanjay Haresh Chotirmal
4 Identification of the molecular mechanisms that ameliorate the progression of Huntington disease‐like syndrome and age‐dependent neuronal dysfunction Assistant Professor Yasunori Saheki
5 The retention and engagement of older workers: Examination of work, nonwork, and individual determinants Assistant Professor Eunae Cho
6 Can perspective taking in virtual worlds reduce negative attitudes towards the elderly? Associate Professor Qiu Lin
7 Perspectives On Old Age Support: Implications For IntergenerationalRelations In Singapore And China Associate Professor Xiao Hong
8 Improving Influenza Vaccination among Older Adults in Singapore Assistant Professor Christopher Cummings
9 Efficacy of Transmitting Hypertension and Cardiovascular Health Information, and Promoting BP Screening to Elderly via Youth Agents Professor M​ay Oo Lwin
10 Robotics for Caregivers: a feasibility study on the use of robotics in community centres for geriatric care Associate Professor Domenico Campolo
11 Home‐based diagnostic dressing for automatic detection of infected chronic wounds in elderly patients Assistant Professor Dang Thuy Tram
12 Active Aging Lifestyle with Healthy Cognition: A Pilot Study for an ExCITE Solution Associate Professor S.H. Annabel Chen/ Assistant Professor Kawabata Masato
13 Personalized Wearable Active Compression Device with 3D‐Printed Stretchable Sensor for Venous Disease Prevention and Treatment in the Elderly Patients Assistant Professor Zhang Yi
14 WhatsApp‐delivered lifestyle intervention in Singaporeans with prediabetes: a feasibility study Assistant Professor Lorainne Tudor Car
​​ ​​

ARISE Strategic Projects

Title of Project​ ​ ​  Principal Investigators  
1 Non‐invasive neuroimaging measurements combined with physiological, neurocognitive and biota‐based biomarker measurements as predictors of health outcome in ageing​ Professor Balázs Gulyas
2 Exercise medicine as a core strategy for ageing health: Bridging the evidence‐gaps between Community and Clinical Exercise Programmes for chronic disease prevention and treatment in older population Associate Professor Fabian Lim
3 Exercise and Diet adapted microbiome: a novel approach to sustain health and support healthy ageing for Singaporeans Professor Sven Pettersson
4 Functional Food Based Gut Microbiome Engineering: An Approach Toward Healthy Lifespan Extension Professor Jorgen Schlundt
5 Uberising Health Coaching Addressing the Increasing Demand for Just‐in‐Time, Bite‐Sized and Affordable Health Coaching for Older Adults Professor Theng Yin Leng
6 Quality Healthcare Delivery for the Elderly: Consent‐taking in a Cataract Surgery Clinic in Singapore Professor KK Luke
7 Virtual Reality Enhanced Psychosocial Training and Rehabilitation for the Elderly Professor Miao Chunyan
8 Developing a global assessment framework for health apps targeted at elderly users with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Associate Professor Josip Car
9 Mindful-Compassion Art Therapy for Dementia Care (MCAT-DC) - Empowering Resilience and Holistic Wellbeing for Sustainable Family Caregiving: A Waitlist Randomized Controlled Trial Assistant Professor Andy Ho

Call for ARISE-GERI Research Grant (AGRG)

ARISE-GERI research grant is funded by a collaboration between Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Geriatric Education and Research Institue. This collaboration focuses on:

  • ​Frailty
  • Community care and home-based care
  • Health systems and apps
  • Health policies
  • Psychosocial wellbeing of older adults

Please keep an eye on this space for more information on the grant application. 

Health Ambassador Grant

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) in Singapore is opening the Health Promotion (Health Ambassador) Grant w​hich serves as a seeding fund to encourage Health Ambassadors to initiate sustainable fitness interest groups in the community. Please refer to HPB's website for more information on how to apply: 

AI Singapore Grants funded by Singapore NRF

The National Research Foundation Singapore has opened grants for research concerning the capacities and future of AI in Singapore. Please visit NRF's Website for more details:

MOE Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Tier 2

The MOE AcRF Tier 2 grant scheme is the premium investigator-led for academic research. Please visit NTU's Website for guidlines and details: 

Social Science Research Thematic Grant by Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Singapore

The Social Science Research Thematic Grant aims to encourage high-quality and impactful social science and humanities research in areas of strategic relevance to Singapore. It supports social science and humanities research projects, programmes or centres with bearing on key societal and economic issues affecting Singapore and the region. It aims to catalyse collaborations among existing research performers in Singapore, and encourage the effective use and adoption of innovative and inter-disciplinary methodologies, techniques and approaches. It also aims to support pathways to impact, including the test-bedding of ideas arising from research.

For more information on the grant calls and how to apply, please visit​ 
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