Thrust 1: Ageing Medicine

​​Title of Project​
Principal Investigators
1 Rejuve​​nation of the Aged Brain: Optical Inte​​rrogation of Cortical Dynamics Assistant Professor Hiroshi Makino
2 The respiratory microbiome – a predictor of healthy ageing?​ Assistant Professor Sanjay Haresh Chotirmall 
3 Identification of the molecular mechanisms that ameliorate the progression of Huntington disease-like syndrome and age-dependent neuronal dysfunction
Assistant Professor Yasunori Saheki 
4 A novel drug target to prevent the protein aggregation in neurodegenerative diseases
Assistant Professor Miao Yansong 
5 Improving Influenza Vaccination among Older Adults in Singapore
Assistant Professor Christopher Cummings 
6 Non-invasive neuroimaging measurements combined with physiological, neurocognitive and biota-based biomarker measurements as predictors of health outcome in ageing
Professor Balazs Gulyas Zoltan 
7 Exercise medicine as a core strategy for ageing health: Bridging the evidence-gaps between Community and Clinical Exercise Programmes for chronic disease prevention and treatment in older population
Associate Professor Fabian Lim 
8 Exercise and Diet adapted microbiome: a novel approach to sustain health and support healthy ageing for Singaporeans

Professor Sven Pettersson 
9 Functional Food Based Gut Microbiome Engineering: An Approach Toward Healthy Lifespan Extension
Professor Jorgen Schlundt 

Thrust 2: Social Integration and Education

1 Efficacy of Transmitting Hypertension and Cardiovascular Health Information, and Promo​​ting BP Screening to Elderly via Youth Agents
Professor May Oo Lwin
2 The retention and engagement of older workers: Examination of work, nonwork, and individual determinants
Assistant Professor Eunae Cho 
3 Modelling and Optimising Home Care and Caregiving Services for the Elderly
Professor Theng Yin Leng 
4 Virtual Reality Enhanced Psychosocial Training and Rehabilitation for the Elderly
Professor Miao Chunyan  

Thrust 3: Ageing-in-Place

1 Robotics for Caregivers: a feasibility study on the use of robotics in community centres for geriatric care
Associate Professor Domenico Campolo
2 Home-based diagnostic dressing for automatic detection of infected chronic wounds in elderly patients
Assistant Professor Dang Thuy Tram 
3 ADL+: A Digital Toolkit for Cognitive Assessment and Intervention
Professor Miao Chunyan 
4 Semi-Autonomous Assistive Shelver: Aged Worker Enabling Technology at Supermarkets
Professor Chen I-Ming 
5 Audiological rehabilitation for speech perception in noise difficulty
Professor Wong Chun Kit 
6 Robotic Technologies for Fall Prevention Professor Ang Wei Tech 
7 An AI, Data Analytics and IoT Framework for Smarter Walking Aids
Dr Shen Zhiqi 

Thrust 4: Care and Lifestyle Enhancement

1 Can perspective taking in virtual worlds reduce negative attitudes towards the e​​lderly?
Associate Professor Qiu Lin
2 Active Aging Lifestyle with Healthy Cognition: A Pilot Study for an ExCITE Solution Associate Professor S.H. Annabel Chen/Assistant Professor Kawabata Masato 
3 Perspectives On Old Age Support: Implications For Intergenerational Relations In Singapore And China
Associate Professor Xiao Hong 
4 Personalized Wearable Active Compression Device with 3D-Printed Stretchable Sensor for Venous Disease Prevention and Treatment in the Elderly Patients
Assistant Professor Zhang Yi 
5 WhatsApp-delivered lifestyle intervention in Singaporeans with prediabetes: a feasibility study
Assistant Professor Lorainne Tudor Car 
6 Developing a global assessment framework for health apps targeted at elderly users with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Associate Professor Josip Car 
7 Uberising Health Coaching Addressing the Increasing Demand for Just-in-Time, Bite-Sized and Affordable Health Coaching for Older Adults
Professor Theng Lin Yeng